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Yazd Hotels


Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel Iran-Yazd

A five-star hotel in one of the nice climate of Yazd districts with easy access to the city center and the interesting places of Yazd named Yazd Safaieh Hotel is ready to receive the travelers and tourists of Yazd with its modern facilities. Yazd Parsian Safaieh Hotel is consisted of two parts namely New Hotel and Garden Hotel.

Zanbagh Hotel

Zanbagh Hotel Iran-Yazd

Spread over 15000 square meters, located at the entrance boulevard of Yazd City with leisure facilities like Swimming Pool, Fitness area, kids play zone, Conference hall, business centre. Beautiful Coffee Shop and Fast food area in the Garden with a lovely ambience.

Malek o Tojjar Hotel

Malek o Tojjar Hotel Iran-Yazd

The monument belonged to Malek al- Tojjar family of Yazd now is a luxurious five-star hotel named Yazd Malek al-Tojjar Hotel with the preservation of its historic originality.

 Laleh Hotel

Laleh Hotel Iran-Yazd

By the side of the historic Golshan water reservoir of Yazd, a four-star hotel with unique traditional architecture and modern facilities is ready to host the travelers of Yazd.

Khatam Hotel

Khatam Hotel Iran-Yazd

Khatam hotel creativity, quality and relevance of their employees on counts three core values ​​to the best and most innovative ways to achieve guest satisfaction is achieved in less time. In line with our commitment to providing superior service and a choice of guests in your home, so we 're waiting for you. Hotel facilities under uniqueness Studs.

Jahangardi Hotel

Jahangardi Hotel Iran-Yazd

Yazd Tourism Guesthouse or Yazd Tourism Hotel located in the historic city of Yazd is a four-star hotel with complete facilities, which is one of the best choices for pleasant accommodation in Yazd. This hotel has 39 two-bed rooms and 2 suits.

Fahadan Museum Hotel

Fahadan Museum Hotel Iran-Yazd

This hotel is situated in an old mansion known as "Tehraniha house", which belongs to Qajar era.The Tehrani family, carpet traders, lived in this house some 250 years ago.

Dad Hotel

Dad Hotel Iran-Yazd

Situated in the heart of the second ancient city in the world with more than 3000 years history,Dad hotel enjoys a privileged position to main tourist attractions including Zoroastrians’ Fire Temple and Amir Chakhmagh Complex.

Moshir Almamalek Hotel

Moshir Almamalek Hotel Iran-Yazd

Yazd Moshir Garden Hotel is the first garden hotel with traditional architecture of Yazd at the same time with complete and modern facilities located in the old place of Yazd Moshir al-Mamalek Garden (pertinent to Qajar period). Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is in an area of 13 thousand square meters in one of the entrance streets of the city and has easy access to the city center and other interesting places of Yazd.

Mehr Traditional Hotel

Mehr Traditional Hotel Iran-Yazd

this hotel is an age-old mansion known as the yazdi zargar's (jeweler) house dating back to the Gajar era, some 250 years ago. The landlord was once an Iranian jweler merchant.

Mozafar Traditional Hotel

Mozafar Traditional Hotel Iran-Yazd

A budget friendly 3 star traditional hotel, located in a quiet and calm suburb of Yazd. Mozafar hotel will offer your Yazd’s peace and harmony. Even the restaurants are built outside of the hotel, so that nothing bothers your calm and peace.