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Shiraz Hotels


Chamran Grand Hotel

Chamran Grand Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Chamran Grand hotel has been located in the most beautiful region of Shiraz City. It is surrounded by the beautiful Ghasrodasht’s Gardens. This luxurious and beautiful hotel uses ...

Karimkhan Hotel

Karimkhan Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Karim Khan hotel is a 3 star located in the heart of the beautiful city of Iran, Shiraz. It is the south west of Iran which has pleasant weather.

Zandiyeh Hotel

Zandiyeh Hotel Iran-Shiraz

The Modern Zandiyeh Hotel being an Iranian Original Persian Hotel has been constructed at the heart of Shiraz City and in the vicinity of the historical and most invaluable complex of Zandiyeh – namely of Zand Dynasty – who chose Shiraz City their Capital about two hundred years ago.

Aryo Barzan Hotel

Aryo Barzan Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Located in the city center and is located in walking distance with many tourist sights and bazaar. The hotel has 50 rooms including 4 junior and 4 executive suites all equipped to modern equipments and facilities.

Eram Hotel

Eram Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Eram Top 3-star Hotel is located in city centre, near the Karim Khani Arg, ready to accommodate and entertain the domestic and foreign guests. This hotel is one of the few hotels in nearby banks and commercial centers and the main market of city.

Kahkaran Hostel

Kahkaran Hostel Iran-Shiraz

اقامت در یک خانه خشتی روستایی به سبک سنتی به همراه کلیه خدمات اقامتی و پذیرایی برنامه های گشت های روستایی بافت گردی، گشت های تخصصی و عمومی ازطبیعت بکر روستایی کهکران و بهشت مکان، بازدید از عشایر و آشنایی با فرهنگ و آداب و رسوم ایل بزرگ قشقایی، برنتمه های تخصصی عکاسی، معماری، نجوم و .....

Beyn alharameyn Hotel

Beyn alharameyn Hotel Iran-Shiraz

هتل بین الحرمین در مجموعه بین الحرمین قرار گرفته که حد فاصل مرقد شاهچراغ و مرقد سید علاء الدین حسین واقع شده است و فاصله کمی تا مجموعه وکیل و ارگ کریمخان دارد. این هتل با داشتن حدود 50 اتاق هم اکنون در دست ساخت است و به زودی افتتاح می شود.

Sasan Hotel

Sasan Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Sasan Shiraz Hotel is located in the center of the city. This beautiful city with a long history, depict civilisation of Iran.

Pooladkaf Hotel

Pooladkaf Hotel Iran-Shiraz

A brief about Pooladkaf: Pooladkaf is a ski resort in the South of Iran, 90 km from Shiraz, and 15 Km from Sepidan. Elevation of this ski resort is from 2810 to 3231 meters from sea level.

Setaregan Hotel

Setaregan Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Shiraz Setaregan Hotel which is located in the northern part of the city with a beautiful view of the city during daytime or at night, welcomes the guests who want to relax in a calm atmosphere far from tensions of the city.

Parsian Hotel

Parsian Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Shiraz is known for its splendid gardens, exquisite mosques and famous poets. Parsian Shiraz is a four star hotel, offers guest the best location in the city to visit all of the historical sites and bazaars. The hotel also offers daily tours to ancient sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae.

Shiraz Hotel

Shiraz Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Shiraz Hotel is a five star hotel which is located in the city of Shiraz, the birthplace of Persian culture and art. This hotel, with 40000 m² area in 14 floors, is situated in neighborhood of the holy Quran gate and it is close to touristic places in Shiraz.

Pars International Hotel

Pars International Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Pars international hotel is one of the luxurious hotel in the south of Iran, which located on karimkhan Zand Avenue.

Arg Hotel

Arg Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Shiraz Arg Hotel with great facilities is ready to entertainment of respectful just with so little distance to Karimkhani, Hafez and Sadi Complex and also Eram Garden in the central of city.

Homa Hotel

Homa Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Luxurious Five-star Shiraz Homa Hotel by the side of Shiraz Azadi Boostan is located in the center of Shiraz.

Elysee Hotel

Elysee Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Elysee is a new made Hotel in Shiraz. Unlike other Hotels in Shiraz which are located in the center of the city, this Hotel is in north-west of the city beside commercial and sport center.

Park Hotel

Park Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Park Hotel (4 stars A) is one of the oldest hotels in Shiraz which was built by Mr. Yazdani and Mr. Hooshyar in 1338 (1959 AD) and is now run by private owners.

Jaam e Jam Hotel

Jaam e Jam Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Jaam-e-Jam hotels consist of 110 rooms and Suites and 28 2-bedroom apartments and is located in the city center. 50% of the rooms have traditional style decoration.

Perspolis Hotel

Perspolis Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Persepolis International Hotel consists of seven floors, which includes 104 rooms of Double Bed, Suite, Royal Suite, Connect and Apartments.

Sepehr Hostel

Sepehr Hostel Iran-Shiraz

خانه مسافر سپهر داراي 4 واحد اقامتي است و در سه طبقه بنا شده است ، نکته قابل توجه که خانه مسافر مجموعه هتلي نيست اما داراي پذيرش 24 ساعته مي باشد و مناسب براي گروه هایی ایست که قیمت مناسب جهت اقامت مد نظرشان می باشد .

Hafez Hotel

Hafez Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Shiraz Hafez Hotel is located at the heart of historical and beautiful Shiraz City attempts to atone the respectful guests with presenting the modern accommodation facilities and expert personality staff, your peace is purposed forever.

Park Saadi Hotel

Park Saadi Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Park sadi Hotel established in 1341,and is the first tourist Hotel in Shiraz. The old treas and hotel yard have created the memorable place for guests.

Royall Hotel

Royall Hotel Iran-Shiraz

Royal Hotel Shiraz has 8 floors which 4 floors is for rooms and the accommodation units and a floor for the conference hall. By residence in the 4-star Royal Hotel, you can visit the sets of Vakil, Cheltan garden, home of Foruqolmolk, Atiq Mosque, the house of Moshir, Hafeziyeh and etc..