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Isfahan Hotels


Part Hotel

Part Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Part 3-star Hotel is located in the heart of Isfahan and in good location close to historical monuments of Isfahan such as Naqshe Jahan SQ and thirty-three bridges and with special accommodating facilities is ready to serve the honored guests.

Venus Hotel

Venus Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Venus hotel, the beautiful newly built hotel has been constructed with a combination of Iranian traditional architecture and modern facilities and unique equipments enjoying pure and beautiful Iranian art and Isfahan city, so called the half of the universe, trying to promoting the rich culture of the landhome.

Traditional Hotel

Traditional Hotel Iran-Isfahan

A building that refers to Safavid era –being renovated about 7 years ago- near Naghsh-e- jahan square with 16 rooms ( 10 double rooms, 5 suites , and a royal suite )with beautiful plaster molding and mirror decoration . What has been said is about the first Traditional of Isfahan.i.e.Isfahan tradition hotel.

Azadi Hotel

Azadi Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Uniquely located next to the famous Zayandeh roud river bridges of Si-o-se Pol and Khajo this 3 star tourist hotel is an excellent choice for anyone coming to Isfahan. With easy access to other historical sites in the city the Isfahan Azadi is a popular choice for tour groups and individual travelers.

Kowsar Hotel

Kowsar Hotel Iran-Isfahan

The Parsian Kowsar Isfahan Hotel is one of the best five star hotels in Isfahan city.

Setareh Hotel

Setareh Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Isfahan Setareh Hotel, has silent and mellow environment, compilation of modern traditional architectural with so nice decoration is located in the historical zoon with approximately 500 meters distance to famous historical constructions like Chelsotoon, Imam SQ (Naghshe Jahan), Sheykh Lotfolah Mosque, Imam Mosque and etc.

 Piroozy Hotel

Piroozy Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Isfahan Piroozy Hotel (Four Stars) is located in the center of turquoise domes, with more than 40 years of experience, proudly announced, ready to present a travel which cause rememberance to you to the land of literature and art.

Safir Hotel

Safir Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Safir hotel, located in the heart of Esfahan was established in 1992 with 50 rooms. A passion for hotel management and hospitality motivated the owner to expand and improve Safir in every possible way.

Sepahan Hotle

Sepahan Hotle Iran-Isfahan

The parking and the multi-purpose hall with 150 people capacity and restaurant in the vicinity of the hall with 100 people capacity, is ready to serve you dear townsmen for all your events. God willing, the restaurant and the coffee shop of the hotel is being launched for the welfare of our guests.

Zohreh Hotel

Zohreh Hotel Iran-Isfahan

The Zohreh hotel is built with a beautiful blend of traditional architecture and modern facilities and utilized unique and beautiful original Iranian art .

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Among what has remained from the age of the Safavids, there still exists a complex of a school, bazaar and caravansaraycomplex which sparkles like a piece of jewelry at the side of Chahar Bagh street.

Aseman Hotel

Aseman Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Isfahan 4-star Hotel with a special position in the beautiful and historical city of Isfahan is located at the edge of the river. This hotel comprises 13 floors and has 100 various rooms, revolving restaurant over the hotel, auditorium, hall, conference room, fast food and other facilities that the guests are required.

Mahan Hotel

Mahan Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Mahan Hotel Isfahan is a nice three star hotel located in center of Isfahan. hotel has several nice facilities for a budget trip.

Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel

Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel is an elegant 4 stars hotel with traditional architecture located in the center of city, granting its guests comfort ,health , convenience and safety establishing integrated management system (IMS)in accordance with Iso9001-2000 ,ISO14001-2004 , OHSAS18001:2007, ISO22000-2005.

Tolue Khorshid  Hotel

Tolue Khorshid Hotel Iran-Isfahan

The traditional Tolue Khorshid hotel is a 3 Star hotel and in one of the oldest neighborhood in the heart of the historical city of Isfahan.

Safavi Hotel

Safavi Hotel Iran-Isfahan

Safavi hotel was built in 1385 with private investment and relying on the traditional style of art Isfahan to provide services to the travellers. Accordingly, much effort has been made to provide a calm and mellow place with the noble art of Isfahan.

Armandis Hotel

Armandis Hotel Iran-Isfahan

هتل آرماندیس در مساحت 6340 متر واقع شده است و هم اکنون با پیشرفت فزیکی 95 درصد درحال ساخت می باشد .