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Bagh e Jahan Nama Shiraz

Bagh e Jahan Nama

It is the oldest garden in Shiraz, with about 40000 square meter area, irrigating from Rokni, a well-known river. Jahan Nama Garden is located in a special region of Shiraz (Hafez Street) among Hafez Shrine, Haft Tanan, Darvazeh Quran, Khajavi Kermani, Baba Kuhi, National Garden, Gahvareh Did, National Library and Archives, etc.

The Garden was rebuilt by the order of Karim Khan-e Zand in 1771 AD. Inside the garden there is an octagonal manor like the Kolah Farangi edifice of Bagh-e Nazar (Nazar Garden). There are four alcoves with two-storey rooms in every four corner of it. Inside the manor, there is an octagonal pool built form integrated marble with a stone fountain inside it. The painted ornaments inside the manor are very magnificent and valuable.

The garden was a place to host governmental guests in Qajar era.

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